Kim Brennan

Kim Brennan is a mother of three children, one of whom is globally delayed. She has advocated for her son for more than 14 years in order to obtain the best schooling, related services and enriching after school activities that are available. Kim was an active parent member of the CPSE and CSE in her school district for five years. She co-chaired Partnership for Learning Differences with her partner Laura Seeley. Together Laura and Kim organized guest speakers for the community as well as facilitated and ran support groups for parents of special needs children. She has facilitated parent support groups at WJCS for parents of children who are on the autistic spectrum and at WIHD for parents of children with special needs. Kim graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 1985.

Laura Seeley

Laura Seeley is the mother of two children, one of whom has a potpourri of difficulties in various areas. She has advocated for her child for more than 14 years in order to obtain appropriate accommodations and program placements in school, and she has amassed a team of local professionals to help support her child outside of school.  Laura and her partner, Kim Brennan, were co-chairs of the Partnership for Learning Differences through the PTA and PTSA in their district, organizing lectures for the community and facilitating parent support groups for parents of children with special needs.  She has also facilitated a parent support group at WIHD for parents of children with special needs.  Prior to moving to Westchester County, Laura was a teacher in NYC.  She graduated from Tufts University in 1984 and Columbia Business School in 1989.

Our Story

As parents of special needs children ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to navigate the system and how important it is to feel supported and understood.  We have been informally sharing information and providing guidance to parents of children with special needs for years.  It is our mission and hope that we can help parents feel supported and empowered on their special needs journey with their child.  We have walked in your shoes.  We want to help make things clearer and less stressful.

Supporting Special Families, Inc.